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Wills and Trusts


Do you have a Will?

Many people don't have a Will for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they think that the people they wish to inherit will do so automatically or because they 'just haven't got round to it yet'. Don't worry if this is you, we can help. 

Why Write a Will?

Without a Will

  • You cannot be sure that those you would want to benefit from your estate will actually do so.
  • Your Spouse/Civil partner will not automatically inherit all of your estate
  • 'Common law' partners may not receive anything
  • Minor children could be taken into care while Guardians are appointed
  • There could be lengthy delays for your beneficiaries and maybe even disputes over the distribution of your estate.

By having a correctly written Will you can ensure your estate goes to the people you wish to benefit from it and prevent delays in the Probate process.

Who needs to write a Will?

The short answer is pretty much everyone. In Particular, anyone with dependent relatives (children under the age of 18, elderly relatives or relatives with a disability who have special needs) and anyone who owns property or has any type of asset which you would wish relatives, friends or charities to benefit from.

If you already have a Will, is it up to date? If your circumstances have changed (moved home, married, divorced or had children/grandchildren) since it was written, then you may need to update your Will. We can help with that too.

How much does a Will Cost?

We have 3 levels of Will Writing, they are:


Bronze Level - This is an over the phone consultation with a Will writing expert where your completed Will is emailed to you for printing. This service costs £50 per Will.

Silver Level - This includes a home visit where you can discuss your requirements face to face with a Will writing expert. You will receive a hard copy of your Will printed on Laid Vellum paper.  This service costs £100 per Will and is our most popular option.


Gold Level - This is as the Silver package above but also includes completed Lasting Powers of Attorney (both Property and Financial affairs and Health and Welfare LPA's) registration forms. Please note there may be an Office of the Public Guardian registration fee to pay on top of this package. This service costs £250 per person and is excellent value for money.  

We also offer Trust planning and these prices are available on request.

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